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Greetings; I am here today to discuss why CH has become such a horrible place, and why you should stay away. Now, imagine you are a part of a community that you cherish, where you have many friends which you love to interact with. You are a part of the community for some time and all is wonderful, but everything changes one day when you're totally barred from the community for no reason, banned without a single wrongdoing.

This is my story.

I have heard that in the past, it was wild and crazy at CH with next to no rules at all and things were far out of control; CH is now operating from the other extreme. It's so easy to get banned, you don't even have to break a single rule, all you've got to do is question the rules, maybe call one of Magnolia's posts *** and BAM, you get banned instantly. I know this from personal experience, for I have been permanently banned for doing these things. And you can't say a single thing on the forums either, unless you want your post deleted and your account banned. Yeah, it's soooo open, I laugh at the level of sheer hypocrisy that CH represents.

They're open and free...as long as you don't question them. I'd bet good money that that is the real reason they let other sellers use their forum and advertise on their BOTP website: because those sellers can not dare to question CH if they wish to continue getting the advertising they get from this. CH moderators speak of sellers having this advertising, and they say that this is proof that CH is open and free, but I see what game they are really playing. Just take a look here at their rules for sellers, the second rule #6 in Magnolia's post: http://www.creepyhollows.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=5027

I am posting a screenshot of this rule in case Magnolia deletes it later to appear innocent.

This rule proves my point about CH being open to sellers only to intimidate them into never questioning CH. It says in the rule right here that any seller who bashes(dares to question) CH will not only be banned, but they'll be totally erased from CH.

The picture I have uploaded here is a conversation between me and Magnolia, one of the owners of CH. As you can see yourself, merely "making fun of the rules" is enough to warrant a ban, despite the fact that, in the official CH rules at this date and time, there is no rule against making fun of rules, at least not for the normal, non-seller, members like what I used to be. Also, Magnolia has posted here: http://www.creepyhollows.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=43897

that a person will get many warnings before a permanent ban, which is a lie because I myself barely had a single one. And the few that I did get were from a single moderator telling me not to dare question the rules if I did not want a ban.

Ash, Magnolia, and their 3 moderators make me physically ill with their sheer level of hypocrisy, and I can guarantee I will not be buying from them ever again. There are more than plenty of other sellers who do not assault their loyal members merely for questioning them.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India #1189801

Dude.. could you suggest some other authentic seller who ship the products internationally?

I had already preped the shopping cart in CH.. as i was about to make payment i thought or reading the reviews..

and most of them have given a negative one. #CreepyHollows


Lord Validus, if this post had been from someone else I might have thought twice about what was posted. However, in your case you were given more than one opportunity to correct your disrespectful behavior towards the members of the community in the Forum & the Chat room.

You were given great leniency and even now you have requested to be allowed to return even as recently as this month which means your post is not only moot it's untrue that you would not return.

CH gives people numerous warnings, numerous chances to correct bad behavior, but yours was not a single incident, or an isolated incident, yours was an ongoing, flagrant disregard for respect towards other members and the moderators.

Anyone reading this review is welcome to come to the site for yourself and see the open atmosphere with helpful & friendly members. There are always going to be incidents on any public, social platform, but we give personal attention & consideration during those incidents to safeguard the community for all involved.

to creepyhollows #937291

I was banned for challenging a moderator and calling a post of yours ***, do not try to pretend it was otherwise. I have have been, and continue to be, a blunt person who speaks their mind; so perhaps this added to your distaste for me and was additional reason for kicking me out?

I realize there were members who did not like my thoughts on things, and perhaps you thought similarly? Regardless, unless my memory is very faulty, I do not remember receiving countless warnings from anyone, merely a few from Wynter when I was accusing her of abusing her power.

In regards to not returning, I never said that I would not attempt to use the forum, I merely said that I would not buy from you ever again; and you may check my shop account if you'd like to confirm that I have purchased nothing from you since I wrote this review.

It's a sad thing, but your forum does have more than a few great and intelligent people, and more than a little good information from said people. It's a tad bit depressing that such a useful forum must be run by such restrictive and iron-fisted people.

to Lord_Validus #937577

I think it would have been better for you to be honest with us rather than my stumbling across the review by accident. If our site is so terrible it warranted a Pissed Consumer complaint there is no reason for you to wish to return.

Your post did not speak of your responsibility for your actions, and Wynter wasn't even a moderator during some of your disrespectful behavior.

We had a very public vote and appointment of new moderating staff, most of whom had dealt with you in some capacity or another. Your continued disregard, disrespect, and challenging of the rules simply caused your exodus.

No one forced you to behave the way you did and you should take responsibility for your participation in your own banishment.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey because we do hope you find everything you desire in the paranormal, but it will not be with us. Had you taken a less adolescent road to discussing the issue it may have been salvageable, but even I have my limits and this post was it.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #832255

By the way, the starred out word in my post is "stu . pid". I have no idea why such a word would be starred out, but I thought I'd better inform everyone reading this that I was not swearing.

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