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Creepy Hollows

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Creepy Hollows is corrupt as ***, and if you're not part of their little 'clique' on e-Bay, BEWARE because they will come after you. They don't want you stealing their profits, otherwise why would they still sell on e-Bay even when they already have their own store (which sells the same *** you can get on for cheaper. Don't believe me? Check this out: This is a screenshot of a "COPYRIGHTED" item they have for sale. The original link can be found here, but I'll put money that Magnolia will remove it which is why I have also taken a screencap: PLUS the same image is attached to this post.

Ok, so it's a box that they claim to have COPYRIGHTED with a Quetzalcoatl on it. Pretty funny then that you can get the same kitschy box from Amazon, for cheaper: />

Now, lets look at what COPYRIGHT actually means. From the Dictionary:

The exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.

So they claim to have the SOLE LEGAL RIGHT to sell these boxes. How can that be, if you can find them elsewhere on the internet for wholesale discount prices? Except that they had no hand in creating and simply bought and resold. Shoddy business practices, indeed!

Creepy Hollows is a SCAM, from start to finish. One simply has to Google "Creepy Hollows Scams" to find PAGES of source information on their terrible habits. They claim that it's disgruntled sellers that hate them - but if you check the dates on the reports none of them fall within the same time-frame. They're just back-peddling in their story because they know they've been caught with their pants down and they're trying to cover up their lies.

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Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States #815199

I just want to say one thing regarding these attacks on CH. One thing they all have in common are these claims that Sellers were bashed, and members were "Teaming up" against the induvudual in question.

"Why is there never any proof"??? No attempts to copy the forum page in question. Never any "names" of these prior members of C.H... Well I personally think it's a poor attempt in bashing a credible meta compaany.

It's just shallow.

If there are claims about CH in negative light. Then freakin show the proof! We don't live in a society where we are proven guilty by anonomous words.

And this is all these negative comments about CH have in common - NOTHING CREDIBLE.

To me this seems to be the work of either childish Individuals(maybe young kids Idk,) or the work of an ignorant Individual attempting to bash CH in hopes to gain marketing for their own Meta Store or fav meta Seller. Shame on you shallow minded folk/s.

to Rational Opinion #1414849

No, we mostly just want our money back.


They copyrighted the name not the box ***. And thats not the only thing theyd send plus they probably felt it was a cool picture to use


well ive been a CH forum member and a customer for 2 years - is that long enough to have an opinion? yeah, i should say i WAS a customer until i watched them bash people in their forum for being a new seller or telling of a new seller.

and many people think the ones doing the bashing are new people SPEW ive watched and its the people running the show that are doing it and people who have been "paying thier due" to CH - nasty people.

wouldnt buy again or morality reasons. why support the wolf in sheeps clothing.


Actually, Asbestos, we're not claiming copyright to the boxes. The boxes are manufactured overseas by a company that distributes them to multiple vendors in the USA, Europe, & Asia.

The copyright symbol appears behind Charging Box because we actually filed paperwork with the US Copyright office for all our work regarding our development of Charging Boxes, Bridging Stones, Capture Stones, Stranding Stones, etc. We file all of our written literature with the US Copyright office after the content from our website & Encyclopedia was taken by eBay sellers & used as their own material. Since that time we file under research & development to the US Copyright office.

We actually don't have to "backpeddle" or do anything else that you're claiming. You can look up "Creepy Hollows Scam" on Google & find material from 2008 & then again from 2009, and if you check our forum during those dates you'll see hundreds of threads relating to the competing sellers who were doing it. And, they weren't just doing it to us, you can Google almost any eBay metaphysical seller's name & find they have complaint posts or RipOffReports filed against them.

We don't have a clique on eBay & we aren't affiliated with any other sellers. We have the marketplace which is open to anyone who abides by site rules. I find it funny that still after all this time that people still believe we are some kind of godfathers of the eBay metaphysical category & "run the show" behind the curtain. It's ridiculous, and really silly.

The reason we've maintained a solid business & a solidly growing website is because people read the complaints like this one, come to the site & see for themselves that there's nothing even remotely close to what people claim, going on. If a fraction of what the complaint sites said was true, we would have been gone back in 2008 when the competing sellers started their smear campaign. The reason that didn't happen is people learned from themselves that the complaints weren't even real... sort of like this one that isn't even accurate!

If you really are a buyer from our site, I apologize that you had a bad experience. However, you should know what you're talking about before you make false claims & accusations.


@ Lisa

Well, frankly I've never had something to complain about before. I'm quite sorry that you feel the way you do, but realistically being scammed by someone claiming to be legit is a solid enough complaint in itself. Everyone has to make a 'first' complaint sometime.


Um...Something I've noticed, but many of the reviews bashing on Creepyhollows are ones that just joined. Also, their review is often the first and only review that they do.

I'm not judging or anything, simply noting a discrepancy with all of these complaints...If a person who's been here for a while and done several reviews before were to make a complaint though, I'd definitely listen more to them.

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