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So I am a former ebay metaphysical seller of mostly spirits and spells, similar to what creepy hollows sells. I have tried numerous times to sign up for their forum in order to better promote my items (I did this after being told by a Creepy Hollows admin that they were happy to take in people ostrasized by ebay and give them a home). After several attempts to sign up on their forum with zero results I have given up. I have been speaking to many other sellers from ebay that are also trying to get into CH to help their businesses but Ch seems to ignore them as well. They claim to be a group of people that support the metaphysical world and all kinds of different beliefs but I don't see this. They claim to support other sellers and their work and only wish to give them a home base in order to do this. I have heard that they ask for "dues" from certain sellers and in return allow them into their clique of sellers that they constantly praise and adore on their forums. If you are not one of these drones then you are defamed and ridiculed until you lose everything.

I encourage anyone considering purchasing from them to attempt to find a seller that is more willing to help you on your journey instead of just trying to take your money. I don't doubt that their items are in fact real, I only wish they we more human in their approach.

That being said I encourage anyone that is interested in spiritkeeping or spellwork to contact me. I can help you find what you are looking for, whether it be from me or another reputable seller I know. I do not charge my friends 'dues' for these recommendations because I consider finding a customer exactly what they are looking for to be the most important thing, whether it be something I can provide or not.

You can contact me through my website at

I am happy to give advice, discuss or help you in any way I possibly can.

Many Blessings,


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You should not be knocking other people's beliefs, especially if you know nothing about them.


How can you consider yourself a "legitimate seller" when you're in the business of selling fairy dust and daydreams and ripping off people who are too *** to realize it?

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