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Ive bought multiple items from creepy hollows and ive never seen ir experience what was promissed. I waited months between ordering the item and receiving it. I always thought maybe i was using it wrong ive spent countless hours researching my purchases and ive never been able to tame awaken whatever have you... im a very disappointed customer Read more

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After some research, I see these folks are quite relentless about obtaining IP addresses and pursuing anyone who has a negative experience with their transactions. As this product service is dealing in fantasy, make believe, occult and placebo, I'm going to refrain from making judgements on intangible factors and only take issue with the length of time it took the company to process my order and the low quality of the items purchased. Should... Read more

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I was curious about their items. Anyone who claims to offer archangels on layaway and the sale of the souls of imaginary creatures at least gets my attention. The overwhelming number of people, though, happily purchasing and allegedly having results from these items made the determination for me to try a few dollars' worth of items and see what I get. $12 worth of not funny was the result. Ten thousand Twilight fans may enjoy the prepubescent... Read more

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I really hate CH have so many complaints everything that i ordered from them i did receive it along with a free gift.this is a metaphysical site and it does work if you like this kind of stuff. So sorry its not for everyone Read more

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Totalitarian Creepyhollows
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Greetings; I am here today to discuss why CH has become such a horrible place, and why you should stay away. Now, imagine you are a part of a community that you cherish, where you have many friends which you love to interact with. You are a part of the community for some time and all is wonderful, but everything changes one day when you're totally barred from the community for no reason, banned without a single wrongdoing. This is my story. I... Read more

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Ive been waiting 9 weeks for 5 orders amounting to 225$ from Creepyhollows.I have emailed and emailed every department asking for a reply.I just want my money back and I will never buy from them agenpls help. I just dont no what to do 225$ is a *** of alot of money to not interested in any excuses,leaving me waiting 9 weeks their is no excuse I just want my 225$ name is natassja zayn if this helps. Im so sad and... Read more

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There seems to be many fraudulant reports against creepy hollows. Let me be perfectly clear about my position in this matter. I am a retired police officer from San Jose, California. I was hired by an individual to investigate a fraulent activties in August 2012. I concluded my investigation in January of 2013. I found many allegations on the internet and a few filings with other agencies. Since there is so much misinformation out there, I... Read more

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I purchased $30 of Christmas cards from Creepy Hollows on the 9th of October. I even thought I was getting a bargain as I was supposed to receive some free Halloween charms with my order. Well its now almost 8 weeks later and despite contacting their support I have received nothing more than a rather dismissive reply stating that they will be sending my order soon. Umm, after 7 weeks it should have been sent long ago! I'm in the UK so I... Read more

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So I am a former ebay metaphysical seller of mostly spirits and spells, similar to what creepy hollows sells. I have tried numerous times to sign up for their forum in order to better promote my items (I did this after being told by a Creepy Hollows admin that they were happy to take in people ostrasized by ebay and give them a home). After several attempts to sign up on their forum with zero results I have given up. I have been speaking to many... Read more

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my friend placed 7 orders at Creepy hollows. 2 in june 4 in july. 1 in september. she kept inquiring about my orders because They were not being updated. It took several inquireies and weeks to even find out from someone that they were behind due to an injury. Then once she recived my first two orders she Was stunned that they were wrong. When she inquired about them she was given the definition of one of the spirits she ordered was and was... Read more

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